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Coates Company’s Approach

Our design-build approach gives us the ability to manage all of a client’s landscape requirements in a cost-effective manner while maintaining the integrity of our primary goal: to design, create and maintain aesthetically unique and functionally sensible outdoor spaces for our client’s.

square wooden planter boxes with arranged stepping stones

Custom landscape design featuring wooden planter boxes and well-placed stepping stones to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Our expert landscape builders use industry standard practices to ensure beautiful, long-lasting construction.  Our builders have the ability and the knowledge to install:

  • Hardscapes
  • Stone, Brick and Concrete Pavers
  • Terraces and Walkways
  • Retaining & Seat Walls
  • Planting
  • Sod and Seeded Lawns
  • Water Features Including Waterfalls, Ponds, and Streams
  • Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Many times homeowners run into issues when designing their landscapes by themselves. Often times, landscape projects start out seemingly manageable but easily become overwhelming without the advice of a professional landscaper that understands a yard’s limits.

The professionals at Coates Company are trained to evaluate your landscape vision. We will analyze the environment and then create a design that best fits your yard and accomplishes the aesthetic you imagined.

Our landscape engineers will come to your location, walk the site, and take note of important factors such as water availability, wind direction, and soil properties. This information is then examined by our horticulturalists who will use their knowledge and experience to select the right plants to thrive in your yard’s environment.

stone creek landscape design

Custom built landscape efficiently making use of water availability to incorporate a beautiful creek in the main focus of its design.

The number and placement of hardscape features, as well as the type of plantings used, will be determined by your lifestyle and outdoor needs. The time spent outside, types of activities conducted, and allergen sensitivities will all impact how we plan and construct your landscape.

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